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ISO WAVE BREAKER (Self-Righting)
ISO Wave Breaker

ISO WAVE BREAKER (Self-Righting)

Part Number: LRS-998
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Select Size from 4 to 12 man, and Valise or Hard Case

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Superior Lifesaving Equipment’s Wave Breaker self-righting liferaft is the ultimate offshore survival craft for the recreation boater.

The self-righting rounded canopy with Vacuum Flow Technology guarantees the Wave Breaker to not only inflate upright but remain cemented to the surface of the water in rough seas. The Wave Breaker self-righting liferaft is ISO approved, includes an insulated floor, SOLAS grade reflective tape, viewing port, and 360-degree visibility through waterproof vinyl windows and dual canopy.

The automatic inflatable boarding ramp, internal ladder and automatically deployed oversized ballast system ease boarding even in the worst offshore conditions. With the brightest canopy on the market and industry leading space per passenger, the Wave Breaker was designed with the hardcore offshore enthusiast in mind. The Wave Breaker self-righting liferaft is available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 passenger capacity and offered in a fiberglass container or vinyl soft pack.


•  Vacuum Flow Technology prevents raft from inflating upside down

•  Industry leading, 4 square feet per passenger

•  Bright, florescent safety green canopy

•  Oversized inflatable buoyancy chambers

•  Weighted, automatically deployed ballast pockets

•  Reflective tape and ISO automatically activated canopy light

•  Inflatable boarding ramp and internal boarding ladder

•  Sea anchor and buoyant rescue ring included

•  Dual double canopies enclosures for easy boarding and helicopter extraction

•  Two clear windows for 360-degree visibility

•  Rainwater collector

•  Insulated floor for protection from hypothermia

•  Vacuum sealed for protection against the elements

•  Includes ISO 9650 equipment pack

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