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Mustang Classic Inflatable PFD (automatic activation) :: MD3031
Mustang MD3031

Mustang Classic Inflatable PFD (automatic activation) :: MD3031

Part Number: LRS-234
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Classic Inflatable PFD with Lightweight Design and Durable Nylon Shell

A perfect choice for any boater interested in a lightweight design with high mobility, the Mustang Survival MD3031 Classic Inflatable PFD can be easily worn over a t-shirt in warm weather or over a jacket in colder conditions. The simple construction makes it is easy to wear and maintain, the durable nylon shell makes it suitable for a variety of activities and the inflated cell features a safety whistle and SOLAS reflective tape for high visibility. Mustang Survival's MD3031 Classic Inflatable PFD is automatically activated to offer the wearer safety even in the event of accidental immersion with injury.

Automatic-activated inflatable PFDs inflate when they are immersed in water. They operate on a small tablet that dissolves in the water and causes the inflator to activate and fill the inflatable cell. They are an ideal choice for situations where you don't expect to go in the water - such as sailing or powerboating - but want the confidence that if the unexpected happens, the PFD will inflate within seconds of being in the water to keep you afloat

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