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Mustang MSF300 Tactical Aircrew Dry Suit System
Mustang MSF300 Tactical Aircrew Dry Suit System

Mustang MSF300 Tactical Aircrew Dry Suit System

Part Number: LRS-335
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Mustang MSF300 Tactical Aircrew Dry Suit System:

MSF300 -
Designed for over-water helicopter operations...or any other tactical operations where the environment dictates the need for increased hypothermia protection.

Mustang's continuing efforts to provide you with the best comfort and highest protection from the hazards of flight have resulted in a two layer integrated garment that reduces heat stress, and protects against flame, immersion, and hypothermia.

The MSF300 two layer modular design minimizes overall weight and bulk, and allows quick donning and doffing through an innovative entry system, and provides a wide array of sizes.

The patented CCS Closed Comfort System adjustable neck seal, and redesigned trim-to-fit neoprene wrist seals improve the comfort of flight crews during extended missions. The proven durability results in extended service life when compared to that of traditional latex neck and wrist seals.

The unique neoprene cuff design seals better and requires no secondary closure after donning. Improved means of interconnection between modules results in easier assembly of components and less "down time" when performing maintenance. The improved rear entry is ergonomically designed to allow donning and doffing of the MSF300 by one person. Pockets are designed to be accessible even when the MSF300 is worn with additional flight or survival equipment

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Feature 6


The two-piece modular design of the MSF300 makes maintenance, repair or replacement of any component an easy task. The interconnection system between components facilitates assembly and disassembly, minimizing "downtime" when performing routine cleaning, maintenance or repairs


The Outer Shell is constructed using MIL-C-85637 GoreTex®/NOMEX® laminate- a waterproof, windproof, breathable, flame-retardant and anti-static laminate base fabric designed to reduce heat stress, and fatigue. The MSF300 protects the wearer during refueling or hostile flight operations where the dangers of cockpit flash fires may exist.

High-wear areas are strategically reinforced to enhance the suit's durability and prevent abrasion damage that could compromise the suit's integrity.

Integral pockets are designed for a variety of uses and facilitate access even when wearing a survival vest over the suit.


The Thermal Liner is constructed of our patented breathable closed-cell foam. The patented breathable foam liner is engineered with multiple apertures, then quilted using a wicking fabric and thread designed to pull excess moisture vapor (sweat) away from the wearer's body.

Easily detached from the Outer Shell, the Thermal module can be removed for laundering or to reduce thermal protection where not operationally required. When integrated with the Outer Shell, the MSF300 suit system provides a stirred (calm) water Clo value of 0.58.

All of these features lead to life-cycle cost savings when compared to traditional dry suits designed for flight crews.

Feature 7
  Chest Waist Inseam Chest Waist Inseam
XS 30"-34" 28" 27" 76 cm-86 cm 71 cm 69 cm
S 34"-38" 28"-30" 27.5" 86 cm-97 cm 71 cm-76 cm 70 cm
M 38"-42" 32"-34" 31" 97 cm-107 cm 81 cm-86 cm 79 cm
L 42"-46" 36"-38" 32" 107 cm-117 cm 91 cm-97 cm 81 cm
XL 46"-50" 40"-42" 33" 117 cm-127 cm 102 cm-107 cm 84 cm
2XL 50"-54" 44"-46" 34" 127 cm-137 cm 112 cm-117 cm 86 cm
3XL 54"-58" 48"-50" 35" 137 cm-147 cm 122 cm-127 cm 89 cm

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