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Mustang Water Rescue Kit MRK110
One stick Rescue Kit

Mustang Water Rescue Kit MRK110

Part Number: LRS-137
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Man Overboard Kit or used as shoreline rescue kit. Includes PFD, 75' Rope and One Rescue Stick in an easy to carry case.

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Mustang Water Rescue Kit MRK110

You're first on the scene. There are the victims in the water and time is running out...what can you do?

The first person on the scene is not always equipped to execute a safe water rescue. Without the proper equipment and training, the first responder may not be able to execute a safe rescue, greatly reducing the probability of the victim's survival. In an emergency, seconds count.

The Mustang Survival Water Rescue Kit contains everything the first responder needs to conduct a basic emergency water rescue: an inflatable PFD to protect the rescuer, a Rescue Stick(TM) to stabilize the victim and a throw bag to retrieve the victim all in a heavy duty storage case. Complete with quick reference instruction sheet and dessicant.

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