Owning An Aviation Life Raft For Your Aircraft

You’re a certified pilot and you’ve been thinking of flying your aircraft at your chosen destination. However, you’re required to have your very own aviation life raft for your plane? According to Switlik, “The FAA now requires a life raft on-board for flights over 50 miles overwater operations for Parts 121, 125 and 135 aircraft and for Part 91.501 over 100 miles over water.”

When you’re flying in an aircraft, there’s always a chance that danger will lurk its evil head when you least expect it. This is why you need your own aviation life raft within your aircraft at all times. As you know, when it comes to flying in the air, safety is paramount. Here are things you should look for in owning an aviation life raft and how it can help keep you - and anyone you travels with you - safe.

  • FAA TSO-C70a approval: Ensure’s your life raft thoroughly tested and high quality.
  • Capacity and Buoyancy: By FAA standards, aviation life rafts are rated by the floor area, seating space, and buoyancy.
  • Construction and Materials: These are considered the most important factors when considering to purchase an aviation life raft. The manufacturer should be using high-quality tubes and materials when crafting the raft.
  • Weight: Check to see what are the size restrictions of the aviation life raft.
  • Servicing: Ensure that the life raft is serviceable from the manufacturer.

Now that you know what you should look for when owning an aviation life raft for your aircraft, you’re ready to purchase one without worrying that it is not safe and high-quality. At Life Rafts Store, we carry aviation life rafts for sale from brands such as Switlik and Winslow. Head over to our life rafts page and see what we have in our inventory. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 321-821-4724.