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EAM Worldwide was founded by Samuel Oroshnik, who was an aviation enthusiast since his teenage years. He took his passion for flying and turned it into a business to serve the unmet needs of the aviation industry. As a one-man shop, Oroshnik began by selling surplus safety equipment and later
designed and built his own life rafts and vests by hand.

Today, EAM serves all OEM’s, operators and lessors in the aviation and marine industries worldwide. Celebrating over 65 years as an industry leader, EAM continues to offer lightweight, innovative products which are customizable to meet clients’ specific needs. Our dedicated team of specialized engineers continues to discover and design new applications in safety and survival
technology year after year.

EAM is also proud to support over 30 distribution centers and repair
stations to ensure the optimal maintenance and performance of its products. EAM Worldwide proudly serves clients around the world with its headquarters in Miami, Florida and global sales office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Our survival kit catalog provides survival safety solutions for commercial, corporate and general aviation clients. Each kit is manufactured with the highest quality of service and inspection to ensure we surpass the needs and expectations of our clients. In addition to our eight standard survival and safety kits, EAM Worldwide can also customize any survival kit to the exact specifications from our clients.

Kits Types Include: Desert, Jungle, Uninhabited Terrain, Polar, Military, General & First Aid packs.

EAM survival kits are designed for emergency use on specific terrains and for different conditions. Each kit is sealed and is not to be used for any routine problems but only in emergencies. Our standard survival kits are designed to accommodate various durations (from 1 to 10 days of food and water supply, and medical and signaling equipment) and a number of persons using the kit
(from 1 to approximately 50 persons). EAM can also customize the survival kit to accommodate even more individuals and time duration if requested.
Please call our offices or visit The Life Raft Store www.liferaftstore.com