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Switlik AV-35D Airline Style Life Vest - RENTAL
AV-35D Airline Style Life Vest

Switlik AV-35D Airline Style Life Vest - RENTAL

Part Number: LRS-705
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P/N : S-51450-6300-999001

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Are you planning a big visit across water? Consider one of Life Raft Store’s vests! These vests will save you from any potential accidents. Our life vests are very adjustable, that way you won’t have to worry about being comfortable! Your whole family will feel safe and secured in a Switlik AV-35D Airline Style Life Vest. We also have available an Infant Life Vest, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones! Anything can happen when you’re rafting, it’s important to be prepared at all times. If rough weather sends you into the water, you’ll want to stay safe. A life jacket can help you stay afloat and prevent you from drowning. Rent life vests for your group today, and you just may save a life! You’ll be less worried about trips on the water with life vests. Rental - All jackets are rented on a flat rate basis. If you need to rent without a raft, please let us know. Rental is $25.00 Flat Rate. The AV-35D donning style features a back panel, double waist straps and adjusting buckles with snap hooks on the center piece and D rings located at the end of each strap. STANDARD FEATURES * Independent twin cell configuration * 2 oral inflation tubes * Neck gusset for chafe protection * Fully adjustable for waist/chest size up to 59" * Corrosion resistant hardware * Mildew resistant webbing * Water activated TSO C-85 locator light * Fire-resistant fabric * Plastic storage pouch * Silk-screened donning instructions * Available in Intl. yellow or orange * Donning configurations to meet your specific requirements Specifications: Approval Compliance: FAA/TSO C-13d (except AV-35H) FAA/TSO C-13f (AV-35H) Buoyancy: 35 lbs./15 kgs. 876 gms. Inflation System: 2 each 16 gm. CO2 cylinders Cover Fabric: Polyurethane Coated Nylon (TSO C13d or TSO C13f) Webbing 3/4" Nylon per MIL-T-5038

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