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Switlik AV-35D Airline Style Life Vest - RENTAL
AV-35D Airline Style Life Vest

Switlik AV-35D Airline Style Life Vest - RENTAL

Part Number: LRS-438-2
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Your Price: $25.00
Rental - All jackets are rented on a flat rate basis.  If you need to rent without a raft, please let us know.  Rental is $25.00 Flat Rate.

The AV-35D donning style features a back panel, double waist straps and adjusting buckles with snap hooks on the center piece and D rings located at the end of each strap.

STANDARD FEATURES * Independent twin cell configuration * 2 oral inflation tubes * Neck gusset for chafe protection * Fully adjustable for waist/chest size up to 59" * Corrosion resistant hardware * Mildew resistant webbing * Water activated TSO C-85 locator light * Fire-resistant fabric * Plastic storage pouch * Silk-screened donning instructions * Available in Intl. yellow or orange * Donning configurations to meet your specific requirements


Approval Compliance:
FAA/TSO C-13d (except AV-35H)
FAA/TSO C-13f (AV-35H)
35 lbs./15 kgs. 876 gms.
Inflation System:
2 each 16 gm. CO2 cylinders
Cover Fabric:
Polyurethane Coated Nylon (TSO C13d or TSO C13f)
3/4" Nylon per MIL-T-5038

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