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Switlik Airline Infant Life Vest RENTAL
Switlik Airline Infant Life Vest -ILV-20

Switlik Airline Infant Life Vest RENTAL

Part Number: LRS-706
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P/N: S-10002-1300-9990002

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Are you planning a trip near or on water with your family? You should rent a life vest. Our Switlik Airline Infant life vest. It can save your family infant from any accidents that may occur on the water. Our life vests are essential to safety. It’s especially important for infants to have life jackets. It can be troublesome for an adult to protect an infant from risks if they are at risk themselves. For example, if an adult was at risk of drowning it would be hard to keep the infant without a life jacket afloat. That is why it is important for an infant to wear a life jacket. The Switlik Airline Infant life vest that is available for purchase at Life Raft store is great because it has under arm configuration and it’s nicely priced! Consider the safety of your child today and purchase a life vest with us. Life Jackets are $25.00 Flat Rate. Rental is based on additional rental of Raft. The Switlik airline infant life jacket (ILV-20) is a dual chamber, 23-pound buoyancy Infant Life Vest, (FAA/TSO-CI3d defines "infant" as a wearer with a weight less than 35 pounds). * The underarm configuration allows this vest to be used by wearers whose shorter necks prevent use of the standard "Yoke-type" vest. Note: All of Switlik Parachute Company's "Airline Passenger" Life Vests are also provided for child (35 pounds and above) use.

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