For the best Marine safety & rescue gear, you can trust that the AVI Life Raft Store can provide quality products that won't leave you stranded in tough times.  One of the worst situations you can find yourself in is being stranded. Whether from an accident or getting lost from your team, survival mode needs to set in.  Safety and survival products are geared to help and protect you from harm. When used correctly, they will keep you alive.  

A pilot's objective is to stay in flight without any problems, but they need items that will protect and keep them safe whenever they occur.  AVI products are of the highest quality. They are durable and robust enough to stand up against time! Reach out to the survival experts today at 321-821-4724

Life Preservers  

There are many life preserves, but pilot-grade life preserves are made for pilots who are always in harm's path.  A situation can occur instantly, so crafts are equipped with Marine safety & rescue gear.  

High-grade life preservers make a difference whenever a flight goes down in water. AVI has the options for survival in high waters.  


Litters are essential in survival mode because they can rescue survivors in water situations that are deemed unsafe. These Marine safety & rescue gear items are available from the AVI Life Raft Store.  Litters are used where it is hard to extract the victim, such as slopes and mountainous areas.  


Litters can save lives! We put the highest value on these, and all our other products as AVI stands behind every piece of survival product we sell.  


Harnesses are utilized by pilots to keep them astable while in rescue and equipped with dual pockets, ideal for comfort and distribution.  

Marine safety & rescue gear: 

You're going to need the support of something that is able to hold and distribute your weight to avoid a catastrophic situation.   

 Benefits of Maine Safety & Rescue Gear  

The main objective of marine safety and rescue gear is to hold up in dangerous situations. AVI Life Raft Store carries durable products that instill peace of mind in pilots.  

Besides peace of mind, all pilots should be made aware of the survival and durability aspects of the items they are using.  

Peace of Mind for Pilots  

Peace of mind can come from multiple things for pilots, but as far as vital Marine safety & pilot gear goes, there are specific items that stand out more than others, such as: 

Rescue gear comes with lots of advantages. Get yours today and stay compliant with flight safety standards. Not only will you feel safe, but your command crew will remain legal.  


Any Marine safety & rescue gear that is able to hold up in different weather situations should be on board with your crew. Our products are 100% and will hold up in water and hot weather. AVI Life Raft Store products keep you on track.  You want to avoid ending up in a situation where you cannot be rescued safely. Check out our website for the latest trends in rescue products. 321-821-4724.  

Leaders in Survival Products  

Check out our website for gear that will make you happy because the investment that you make will keep you alive. Others may claim to carry top survival products, but we set the standard in the industry. The AVI Life Raft Store carries all types of Marine safety & rescue gear. From harnesses and litters to first aid kits and more, we're the store that pilots can count on for safety. 321-821-4724, don't waste your time on generic survival products.