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Winslow 8-12 Person Super-Light DualSafe Life Raft
Winslow Super-Light DualSafe

Winslow 8-12 Person Super-Light DualSafe Life Raft

Part Number: LRS-521
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You and your crew will love being on the water in this life raft. Our rafts are designed to carry occupants safely to their destinations or carry occupants until needed help arrives. Enjoy the outdoors with this Winslow 8-12 Person Super-Light DualSafe Life Raft today! While our rafts carry a bunch of great specs (located in the Specs tab), you can also purchase additional options to make your individual experience perfectly tailored to you. Add a canopy option to shield occupants from wind, water spray, and heat. You can also add Valise custom dimensional packing and Valise additional handles. If your experience may lead you to lower temperatures, see about adding hypothermia protection. Also available is PLB’s for your life raft, inside the raft or outside on the valise. A PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) is a good safety measure to have. A PLB can alert rescuers if there is a man overboard situation and they need to be rescued. The Liferaft Store is the perfect option for all of your life raft needs. Contact us today at 321-821-4724 and order your liferaft with us. Winslow Super-Light DualSafe; Winslow's lightest Deep Water Raft. Comes with Dual Buoyancy tubes, water ballast bags for secure anchoring to ocean surface and boarding assist ladders inside and outside of the raft. The Winslow Dual Safe can be purchased with optional canopy. Sizes range from 4 to 13 man with overloads to 20 man. FAR Part 91 kit included.

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