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Winslow/Hard Pack 4 Person Rescue Raft/ LEEP
Winslow Law Enforcement Emergency Pac

Winslow/Hard Pack 4 Person Rescue Raft/ LEEP

Part Number: LRS-590
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The Law Enforcement Emergency Pack survival platform is designed to be carried on law enforcement and emergency rescue helicopters, marine vessels or land vehicles for deployment to rescue survivors in the water. This life raft is their lifeline, and their first step to survival. It’s dynamic capabilities can be counted on in even the harshest conditions. This life raft can be deployed directly from the shore, from a marine vessel or air-dropped from a hovering helicopter using a 10’ static deployment line. The life raft is vacuum-packed in a valise case then stored neatly inside a protective Pelican case until needed. This allows for ease of transportation and storage for when it is not needed, and easy access and quick deployment at a moment’s notice. Once deployed, this raft will activate and inflate with a CO2/N2 inflation system with an oversized buoyancy tube. For easy access, this tube is equipped with a 3 rung boarding ladder, interior assist line to enter and around the perimeter, sea anchor, and reflective case.

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