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Owning An Aviation Life Raft For Your Aircraft

You’re a certified pilot and you’ve been thinking of flying your aircraft at your chosen destination. However, you’re required to have your very own aviation life raft for your plane? According to Switlik, “The FAA now requires a life raft on-board for flights over 50 miles overwater operations for Parts 121, 125 and 135 aircraft and for Part 91.501 over 100 miles over water.”

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What Survival Gear Our Life Raft Center Has To Offer

Life Raft Store is your #1 life raft center in the U.S.A. We sell marine and helicopter rafts along with many survival gear items in order to maintain safety for your aviation needs. Winslow, Switlik, Wiking, Crewsaver, Revere, Survitec, and Eastern Aero Marine are some of the life rafts that we are authorized to carry. Whether you need a 4 man life raft, a 6 man life raft, or an 8 man life raft we have it all. We even do daily, weekly, and monthly life raft rentals!
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Discount Winslow Rafts

Save up to $750.00 on your purchase of a Winslow Raft. Total Savings is based on the model raft!
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WInslow Life Raft Rentals

FAA and Marine Winslow rafts for rent, day week monthly, we rent from 4 man to 12 man life rafts, both Marine, Part 91 and 135 FAA approved rafts.
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