Liferaft Rentals 

At Life Raft Store we offer a wide variety of different life raft rentals, but what are the benefits of renting a life raft as opposed to buying one? There are many different reasons for short-term use as well as long-term use. A lot of which aligns with the responsibilities that are involved in owning a life raft as well as the maintenance of life rafts. 

The Benefits Of Short Term Rentals

-Quick & easily available 

-Life Rafts are stocked with very little to no wait time

-Cost effective 

-Cheaper than the alternative of purchasing a life raft as there is no capital expenditure

-Perfect for occasional use 

The maintenance and cost of life rafts, in general, can be quite substantial so having a short-term rental can save you thousands of dollars as opposed to buying one. 

The Benefits Of Long Term Rentals 

-Cost effective 

-There is no capital outlay 

-Quick and easy resolutions to problems 

-Very little worry about the small details 

While renting long term may seem like a bad idea it certainly can be a lot more cost effective due to the maintenance factors and practicality of purchasing life rafts as well as the commitment that involves. 

One of the major benefits to renting life rafts is that it is entirely flexible for however long you need it for as well as it is suitable for commercial, leisure operators as well as individual yacht owners. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. - What is easier to Launch on a Ship; Lifeboat or a Life Raft?

A. - In comparison to Lifeboats in an emergency situation, Life Rafts are easier to launch. Weight and bulk will play in the launch. Self Inflation rafts with a Hydostat will activate and launch on their own once the raft has sunk below 8 feet.  All rafts are self-inflating once the painters' line has been pulled.

Q. - Is it better to Buy or Rent a Raft? 

A. - There are two options available to a person when deciding on a raft and that is to Buy or Rent. The most cost-effective reason for purchasing a raft instead of renting would be, for example, a 90-day excursion. Buying a raft in that case would be the most cost-effective decision. Renting a raft is the way to go if you are going to do a weekend trip. It is important to do the math accordingly. After 90 days, you would own the raft. * In the decision to Buy or Rent make sure you work with a respected company and the raft of choice is from a trusted supplier. 

Q. - What are some of the safety features of a Life Raft? 

A. - There are 3 main safety features on a Life Raft. The features are a pressure relief valve, stabilizing Ballast pockets, and lastly for protection against hypothermia is an insulated or inflated floor with two layers. 

Q. - On the Life Raft Canister or Valise, what are some of the important markings provided? 

A. - Some important markings on a Life Raft Container include the following: Manufacture name and trademark, Serial number, Name of certifying authority, Number of persons carried, SOLAS emergency pack enclosed, Date of the last service, Stowage Maximum height, and Instructions for Launching.

Q. - Do all life rafts have Reflective panels, food, and water?

A. - NO.  Marine rafts will generally have a survival kit.  SOLAS rafts are separated into two classes.  SOLAS A and SOLAS B.  Depending on which one, you can use up to 50 Miles, or beyond.  SOLAS A rafts will carry more rations than SOLAS B rafts.  Recreational rafts are for personal use and will carry a smaller Survival kit than that of a Commercial SOLAS-rated raft.  Generally, ALL rafts will have reflective panels on the canopy or the body of the raft.

Q. - When should Life Rafts be Serviced? 

A. - The most common service interval is every three (3) years and may differ in recommended maintenance based on the manufacturer of your Life Raft. Switlik uses a 5 year interval, Winslow and others use a 3 year.  Solas and IBA rafts are one year.

Q. - Which raft do I need in my Airplane?

A. - The type of raft needed in aviation is determined by the Aircraft weight, and the type of operation the aircraft is used for. 12,500 lbs is the magic number where the decision is mandated for the type of raft. If under 12,500 and used under Part 91, you can use a recreation raft. 

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