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ResQlink 2881 PLB RENTAL
ResQlink PLB Floatation Version

ResQlink 2881 PLB RENTAL

Part Number: LRS-383-2
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ACR ResQlink PLB 2881 - Floatation Version

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Your Price: $75.00
RENTAL - $75.00 Flat rate with Life Raft Rental.  Based on your Raft Rental, this PLB is $75.00 for the duration. 

Please fill out the PLB rental form, so we can alert or answer questions in the event of activation.

This PLB features a 66-channel GPS, Im OK text messaging, flexible blade antenna, and continuous strobe. 3.9 x 1.9 x 1.3", weighs 4.6 oz.

Features: Worlds Smallest PLB! Im OK Text Messaging Increased Power Output vs. Competition Continuous Brilliant Strobe Ships upon FCC/testing approvals (Q1)

  Small Size, Lightweight
  Super Bright LED Strobe
  On Board 66 Channel GPS
  Self-Test and GPS Test Features
  Typical Performance of 30 Hrs
  Non-Hazmat Battery
  Wrist Lanyard
  Made in the U.S.A.

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