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Switlik ISPLR - One Man Raft

Switlik ISPLR - One Man Raft

Part Number: LRS-453
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Switlik ISPLR One Man Raft For Sale

The Switlik ISPLR Inflatable Single Place life rate has an advanced military design as well as a strong durability which serves anyone who uses it well if they are quite serious about the type of personal lifesaving equipment they want to select. 

U Shape Design for Easy Entry

The design incorporates a U shape so that easy entry from the water is permitted despite any rough waters that you might encounter. 

Zippers On Each Side

There is one zipper on each side of the lifeboat which can be used in order to protect yourself from any other foreign elements or rough weather while at the same ensuring that there is some sort of ventilation occurring with the raft itself. 

The Life Raft Store

If you choose to purchase this product, not only will it be fully reversible, but it will also be easy to enter while at the same time providing a variety of tools in order to keep you safe. There are also five different style packs to choose from!

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