Life Raft Store is your #1 life raft center in the U.S.A. We sell marine and helicopter rafts along with many survival gear items in order to maintain safety for your aviation needs. Winslow, Switlik, Wiking, Crewsaver, Revere, Survitec, and Eastern Aero Marine are some of the life rafts that we are authorized to carry. Whether you need a 4 man life raft, a 6 man life raft, or an 8 man life raft we have it all. We even do daily, weekly, and monthly life raft rentals!

Survival gear when up in the air or out at sea can be paramount to the likelihood of your survival. Gear such as life jackets, personal locator beacons, ACR EPIRBs, water rescue kits, marine flares, strobe lights, ditch bags, immersion suits, dye markers, rescue streamers, laser flares, egress devices (SEA/HEEDS), marine radios, binoculars, and man overboard modules are some of the things we carry.

It’s easy to see how you would need a life raft when out at sea but when you are up in the air in a helicopter or plane it is also important. Helicopters and planes don’t float so if they start going down then they are going down. Don’t go down with it though. Stay afloat with a helicopter life raft. The helicopter life raft is the most important piece of helicopter safety gear as it is pretty much required to survive when crashing over or into the water from a helicopter or plane.

We hope that you understand what our life raft center has to offer in terms of helicopter life rafts, helicopter life raft rentals, and survival gear. It is critical that you take your safety seriously. Nobody wants themselves or their loved ones to get lost or drown out at sea. If you have any questions regarding the matter please feel free to call us at 321-821-4724.